Window reinforcement

Our company has seven years of experience in the production of sections used to reinforce PVC windows. Throughout all these years we have implemented over 200 different types of reinforcements into the production. In the offer we have steel profiles to all systems available in Poland.
Currently we have four profiling machines with a total capacity of 2500 tons in the sphere of open-shaped and slot shaped sections.

The existing machine park enables us to deploy to the production virtually every cross section with dimensions not exceeding 65x65mm for square sections and 100×65 for rectangular section of sheet metal to 2.5mm.

Reinforcements are produced in accordance with window standard PN-EN 10162: 2005 (what is confirmed by a certificate no 34/05) from fire-galvanized sheet metal in the genre DX51D+Z with the standard PN-DX51D + EN 10142 + A1. Standard zinc coating is 200 g/m2.
Dimensional tolerances on wall thickness is governed by the standard PN-EN10143: 1997. Other dimensions for reinforcements are done in tolerance of +0,-0.5 or according to individual customer requirements.

Standard length of section is 6,000 mm and the tolerance is 0, + 5 mm.

Packaging is adapted to the needs of customers. In case of no special requirements, the standard is 504 mb or 600 mb in one package.
There are wooden pads under each parcel to facilitate the unloading with a forklift.
We provide transport of the ordered products to the customer.
We execute orders in mutually agreed time generally from 7 to 14 days.

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