Opencast mining plant


Sand from 0-2mm
Crushed aggregate
gravel 2-8mm
gravel 8-16mm
gravel 16-31,5mm
gravel mix 0-63mm


exploitation of the deposit

In order to achieve optimal use of natural aggregate „Brzeszcze-Buczaki”, applied modern mining machine – dredge floating dredgers. Gravel extraction process is carried out scoops from under the water, and then the dredger is transported by conveyors floating route and the stationary processing plant.

Aggregate mechanical processing technology

The technological scheme of the plant contains one technological line. It is a technological line of broken fraction with products in grain classes 2-8 mm and 8-16 mm, 16-31.5 and sand 0-2 mm.

  1. Used for crushing jaw crusher, and a cone crusher.
  2. Dewatering sand fraction is a dehydrator.
  3. Used for the transport belt conveyors.
  4. The final classification nodes use 2 and 2.5 deck screens equipped with polyurethane sieves. The screens have a water installation (wet screens) powered by a Meta pump.


Determination of grain composition by screening

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