In 2006, we launched the production of self-assembly fencing systems for animals. The panels, which form a component element of the fence are made in standard height 1.84m, and the lengths of the panels are: 1.0m; 1.5 m; 2.0m; 3.0m and additionally each of them can be equipped with door, rotary feed pan and window placement, which enables to place a kennel outside the pen. Panels are filled with pipes or welded wire. The whole is galvanized, which guarantees a long life in all weather conditions. The comfort of the solution is based on the possibility of shaping the size of the fence in any way by connecting the panels of different sizes and adapting it to the specific requirements such as a fence in the fence or indoor fence for bigger pens.

Warranty to the panels for animals. Fence panels for animals are covered by 12 months warranty period. The guarantees are not subject to mechanical damage, produced by the use of panels not in accordance with their intended purpose.



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